Suitcase Sent Around the World

My Country Australia's Show has been sent off to the 34 Wonderful Stations playing it around the world. What does that mean you ask? It means that Suitcase is now played on these amazing stations listed below. Amazing! Thanks for the support My Country Australia's Show!

Country Road Radio (UK)

Country Radio Ireland (UK)

NZCMR (UK)…/New-Zealand-Country-Music-Radio-s206528/

ICR (NZ)…/International-Connection-Radio-s274389/

Kidderminster Local Radio (UK)

Radio Monro (UK)

Sound Machine Country Radio (USA)

Down South Country Radio (South Africa)


Apple 98.5 FM (Vic, AUS)

Braidwood FM (NSW, AUS)

Tasman FM (Tas, AUS)

Power Country FM (Vic, AUS)

Sunshine Radio (UK)

Country Capital Radio Tamworth (NSW, AUS)

ZFM Country Rock (NSW, AUS)


920 WON The Apple (USA)

Beach Life Radio (USA)

Sapphire FM (NSW)

5KIx FM (SA)

Rim FM (QLD)

Cruisin Country Radio (USA)

Southern Country Radio (USA)

RadioMax Music (USA)

Gin Gin Community Radio (QLD, AUS)

The Shack Gippsland (VIC, AUS)

Country Barnyard 305 (USA)

Pennine1 (UK)

Encore 96.3FM (QLD, AUS)

Alex Crook